Animated Double Exposure Effect:

Double Exposure Video Clips Download

What is double exposure?

In Photography, Double Exposure photos is a skill to integrate two or more photos. Although it seems quite basic, this simple move can cause some really impressive artistic illusions, and this editing tutorial is a perfect example.

Animated Double Exposure:

The above picture is a preview of the amazing “Animated Double Exposure Effect”. At below tutorial is guided how to make double exposure effect by using picsart and kinemaster, in the video, I had a city building background image, and integrate this same image with men.

You can download a video clip (project stock images) at the bottom of the post.

For Your Kind information, this editing is done on a mobile app called Picsart Photo Editor and kinemaster. This app is available for all platforms

Double Exposure – video

Video Clip Download:

Video Clip: 1

Video Clip: 2

Video Clip: 3