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This tutorial shows you how to create a wonderful stretch Portrait effect using the PicsArt app. A portrait effect is a skill to add two photos to a picture.

You can download background image (project stock images) at the bottom of the post.

For Your Kind information, this editing is done on a mobile app called Picsart Photo Editor. This app is available for all platforms.

About Picsart App:

PicsArt makes it easy to staging your photo editing game, creating amazing images and sharing with friends

This is an app that lets you become truly creative with its almost unlimited features – and it’s starting a movement to help people “go beyond the filter” and create a great picture.

With 500 million + installs and 100 million monthly users, PicsArt is spread all over the world and is available in more than 30 languages.

PicsArt is your new playground. Remix images with us, join the family and discover the universe of mind while blowing the brain.

Video Tutorial – Portrait Effect

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    Best editing

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    Bro! ur work is AWSOME!!!! Keep it up. U never disappoint ur viewers. [Best of Luck]

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      I love PicsArt

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    Awsoom bhi mari picture edit kar do plz

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      Best app

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