How To Make Intro on Android Intro Template

How to Make Intro  on Android:

how to make intro on android

Things to remember when making a video intro:

  • Make a good first impression.

Your introduction will be the first thing your viewer will see, (how to make intro on Android) so it’s worth the time to really make good. If it’s fun and recognizable, people will be more likely to connect with content and share your video.

  • Make it tell the story.

Your introduction needs to tell who you are and what you are about, and what the video is.

  • Make it short & sweet.

A good introduction is usually quite fast, not more than 20 seconds (preferably between 5-10), and has at least text or voiceover, so the details of the minor but potentially long-lasting details Remove (or better yet, don ‘not put them at all).

  • Brand it.

Large companies have logo and color. This helps people recognize and remember your product, and are more familiar people, the more they want to come back.

Required Apps:
  1. PixelLab
  2. Kinemaster
How to Make Intro On Android
  1. Create a 3d text of your name of different angles with the help of a Pixellab app.
  2. Choose an intro or outro video template you like – we have provided some template link at bottom of the post
  3. Open kinemaster app import the template and insert the 3d text of your name.
  4. Finally, watch proper your intro and export this video.


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