Download My All Fonts Crazy Tips

Download My All Fonts:

Welcome Guys, Today I go to share you my all fonts collection in PicsArt & Pixellab App. You can download those fonts (Zip file) at below link.


How to Add Fonts in PicsArt:

Step 1: Download fonts

Download the font at above link Or go to the fonts site.

Step 2: Unzip the file

All of the fonts downloaded from the Internet are zipped, and you have to unzip it before going to the next step. Download any unzip file app, then simply unzip this font folder. Find the folder MyFiles > Device > Download.

Step 3: transfer the ttf. file

Make sure the font content is in .ttf, otherwise it will not work with PicsArt. Copy TTF to Device> PicsArt> Font Folder.