Double Exposure: PicsArt Editing Tutorial

Double Exposure

Double Exposure Stock Image Download:

What is double exposure?

In Photography, Double Exposure photos is a skill to integrate two or more photos. Although it seems quite basic, this simple move can cause some really impressive artistic illusions, and this editing tutorial is a perfect example.

Double Exposure Editing

The above picture is a preview of the amazing “Double Exposure Effect”. At below tutorial is guided how to make double exposure effect by using picsart, in the video, I have used a mountain image, and integrate this same image with men.

You can download background image and Bird png (project stock images) at bottom of the post.

For Your Kind information, this editing is done on a mobile app called Picsart Photo Editor. This app is available for all platforms.

Video Tutorial – Double Exposure:

Hello! Welcome to picsart tutorial of crazy tips.

video me have Share Double Exposure Ideas with the help of picsart App and provided a blend effect. you can use any background Image.

In this video, I have used dark mountain background Image to create a blend effect download link below the post and used the bird png. if you do not understand about this tutorial.

If you have any problem please comment questions in video or website, I will reply to all message if possible! please comment and for you know think of you! thank you.

Double Exposure stock image: Double (2170 downloads )