Make 3D Audio Spectrum on android

How To Make Audio Spectrum:

Welcome guys how are you, I am Piyush Sahni from YouTube Channel. In this tutorial, I am going to show you How to make 3d logo and Audio Spectrum by using the picsart app and avee player and kinemaster.

Everyone wants to create an audio spectrum of our song professionally, like a trap nation. But lots of people do not create an audio spectrum by using the heavy software like after effect.

So, Guys here I am showed you how to create an audio spectrum by using the android app.

if you do not understand about this tutorial. you can comment questions in video or website, I will reply all message if possible! please comment and for you know think of you! thank you!

About Avee Player:

Avee player is an audio spectrum or visualizer maker app. which creates a stunning spectrum on android. In this app, there are 14 different types of visualizer you choose your according.

Nevertheless, the most notable features are audio visualizer and easy HD video output.
While all visualizers are widely customizable – color/size/ size/audio response / your own picture and more tweaks.

You can also import and export visualizer templates as files and find different cooler versions than the default ones shared online.

Audio Spectrum – Video Tutorial

Download Link: Click Here